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Unattended Remote Access

Connect to remote computers at any time using a password,
regardless of whether an end user is present.

24/7 Remote Access
Mobile Access
End-to-End Encryption

On-Demand Remote Assist

Connect to users' computers as needed to provide assistance
while the user is present to grant access.

Unlimited Deployments
10 Support Agents

PRO Plan

Best for Individuals

$12 / year
Per Computer
Full-featured Remote Access
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  • PRO Features Include:
  • Remote Printing
  • Transfer Files
  • Multi-Monitor Support
  • Screen Blanking & Input Blocking
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Copy & Paste Between Computers
  • Desktop Shortcuts
  • Remote Sound
  • Online Meetings

Enterprise Plans

Best for Businesses

Remote Computers Price / year
10 $99
25 $149
50 $199
100 $249
250 $399
500 $649
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  • Enterprise Features Include:
  • All the PRO features PLUS:
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Computer Group Management
  • Custom Cobranding
  • Concurrent Sessions
  • Remote Deployment
  • IP Whitelisting
  • Cross-Account Connections
  • Bulk-License Discounts
  • Telephone Support

Assist Plan

For Providing Tech Support

$99 / year
Unlimited Use Remote Support
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  • Assist Features Include:
  • Unlimited Remote Assistance Sessions
  • 10 Support Agent Accounts
  • 5 Licenses for Unattended Remote Access
  • Custom Cobranding
  • Multi-Monitor Support
  • Transfer Files & Remote Printing
  • Input Blocking & Screen Blanking
  • Hardware Diagnostics
  • Session Recording & History
  • Remote Sound

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