How It Works

See how simple our All-In-One service is to use.

Remote Desktop Access

Fast Download · Auto-Configuration · Firewall Friendly

1. Download the Installer

Assign a name and password on the computer your want to access.

2. Login from Anywhere

View your PCs from any computer, tablet, or mobile device.

3. Securely Connect

View and use the remote computer over an encrypted session as if you were there!

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Providing Remote Assistance

Deploy via Email · No Configuration · Connect in Seconds

1. Deploy an Assist Code

Give your user an assist code to get set up, either by email or over the phone.

2. Get the Password

The user generates a temporary password for you to connect.

3. Provide Assistance

View the user's screen, and control the computer when granted permission.

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Presenting a Meeting

Invite Users on Any Device · No Software to Install · Show Your Screen

1. Set Up your PC

Our no-configuration installer gets you online in seconds.

2. Invite Others to Join

Give your attendees the meeting password to connect to your computer.

3. Attendees See your Screen

Instant access with no software to install. Users see your screen right in the browser.

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