Use our Assist Widget to Streamline Remote Support

Our new embeddable Assist Widget allows you to launch Remote Assistance sessions directly from your website.

Installation is simple. Just add our JavaScript file to the page of your site where you would like the widget to appear. There are 10 color themes to choose from, so it can be matched to your site's design.

After users have entered their Remote Assist code on your site, they will be taken to the download page on our site to start their session, allowing you remote access to their computer.

Additionally, we've updated the download page to display instructions to the user in their browser's default language, instead of English only.

To get started, look for the new "Embeddable Assist Widget" button on your "Provide Remote Assistance" page.

*Note: The Assist Widget feature is only available for accounts which are active with our Remote Assist plan. Learn more about our plans here.


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