We've Made Our Referral Program Even Easier

Distributing your referral code to new users has become even more simple. Every referred purchase earns you 50% of their purchase price!

Getting started is easy. Click the Referrals link on your top navigation bar to get your Referral Code:

There are two ways for you to have users credit your referral.

  1. Give your referred users your Referral Code, which they can enter during Checkout when activating their service.
  2. Alternately, you can distribute your unique activation link. Users who sign up by following the link will automatically have the code applied during checkout. The activation link is a great way to get referrals by posting it to social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook.
Commissions can be claimed via dualmon service credit, Amazon gift cards, or a PayPal transfer.

Anyone with a current PRO, Enterprise, or Assist account is eligible to participate and start earning today!


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