Protect Your Privacy During Remote Access Sessions

Everyone knows that computer security is extremely important, and that's no different with remote access. It's more than just encrypting the data as it's being transferred; people could be around the computer you're connected to and viewing what you're doing. Making sure the monitor is turned off would be the obvious solution, but that's not possible to do without physical access to the computer, and they could turn it back on anyway.

There is a solution though — prevent others from snooping by using a remote access program which can disable the screen on the remote computer.

dualmon Remote Access allows you to blank the screen of the remote computer while you’re connected. You will see everything normally while you work, but anyone at the remote PC will see a screen which appears to be off for the duration of your session.

To turn on screen blanking, click the eye icon on the Viewer toolbar. The remote monitor will go blank. You can turn off screen blanking by clicking the same button a second time.

There are many variables when it comes to maintaining your privacy. This powerful feature which is easy to activate can bring you peace of mind when working remotely. One can never be too careful when protecting sensitive data and online activity.


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