LogMeIn Prices Continue to Skyrocket

Another year, another price increase at LogMeIn — prices raised for the third year in a row.

Their pro service, which cost $99/year back in 2014, now costs a whopping $349/year — a staggering 350% price increase. It's also worth noting that the company completed their purchase of GoToMyPC last year, and now GoToMyPC prices have already gone up significantly as well.

dualmon, on the other hand, will continue to keep its pricing the same, starting at $12/year per computer, making it 5 years in a row that dualmon has refused to increase the price of its popular remote access software. Loyal customers should never be "rewarded" with a renewal invoice for more money.

dualmon provides affordable remote access solutions, including scalable Enterprise computer management and a remote assistance service for providing remote support. All plans start with a no-risk free trial.

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New Desktop Shortcut Enhancements

In response to user feedback, we've expanded the functionality of desktop shortcuts, allowing you to better manage multiple shortcuts for each computer.

Now individual shortcuts can be deactivated on an as-needed basis. Also, the ability to grant view-only access for a shortcut has been added to provide greater flexibility and additional security.

This feature is included in all three of our remote access service plans - PRO, Enterprise, and Remote Assist.

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We value "word of mouth" so highly that we've put together a generous new referral program. For every person you send our way who activates a paid plan, we'll pay you 50% of their purchase price as a thank you.

Our marketing strategy is a bit unique in that we prefer to put money in our customers' pockets as opposed to expensive ad campaigns. It's a win-win for both of us.

To activate your status as an affiliate, click the "Referrals" link on the navigation menu in your account. Anyone who is a current PRO, Enterprise, or Assist user is eligible to participate and start earning today!

Account Login Alerts

We've enabled email alert notifications for all remote access accounts when suspicious login activity is detected. These alerts will provide another level of protection, in addition to our other security features of two-factor authentication, IP white-listing, and account locking after multiple failed login attempts.

When there are five failed login attempts for your account, it will become locked for 30 minutes, and an email notification will be sent to you. If it was you just having a little trouble remembering your password, you will have the option to disable the lock and attempt another login. If it wasn't you, we encourage you to log in and check your login audit history for more information about the unexpected attempts to access your account. All logins and failed login attempts trying to access your remote desktop service are recorded and maintained.

New Windows Server Released

The newest version of our remote access server software has been released and is now available for installation. This minor version update contains input enhancements for the keyboard and new online meeting tools, as well as some other minor fixes.

The release pertains to all dualmon services: Enterprise, Remote Assist, Pro, and Free. As with all releases at dualmon, the update is free of charge. The new version will be automatically rolled out to all computers, and it can also be manually updated by:
dualmon icon Remote Access Settings Check for a newer version.

Administrator System-Wide Access

Administrator-level users of our Enterprise accounts now have the ability to set a system-wide password for connecting to their users' computers for remote access.

Instead of needing to know the user password for each individual computer of an account, administrators can now set a global password for their access only. Users will still use the specific computer password which was assigned during the computer's installation.

To configure your administrator password, go to Security and Access > Administrator Computer Password > Set Admin Password.

New Viewer for Windows has been released

A new remote access viewer for Windows has been released. The update includes improvements for the Remote Assist service, including a change in the way control of the user's computer is handled. Now when starting a support session, the customer support representative will have keyboard and mouse control automatically instead of having to manually enable it. The release also contains minor fixes for the desktop screen window.

As always, all software updates are free for our users and are distributed automatically.

Connecting with a Desktop Shortcut

One of our most-requested features is now available to our PRO and Enterprise users. Connect to your computer with less steps using a desktop shortcut. Save a link to your remote computer directly on your desktop, eliminating the need to log in to the website to make your connection. Computers are still password-protected, but the password can be entered directly through the shortcut.

You can create shortcuts or manage exisiting ones from the "Desktop Shortcuts" link under the Access and Security section of the settings page for the computer.

Enhanced UAC Support

In our most recent round of updates to our Remote Assist service, we've extended UAC support when connecting remotely to view your users' screens.

The remote desktop software now supports all levels of User Account Control to handle a wider audience of use cases. In addition, the new version has enhanced reboot support when connected remotely.

Our redesigned remote assist software allows for broad support for PCs with unlimited users and unlimited deployments.

Streamlined Computer Groups

We've simplified the configuration of our computer groups manager.

The redesigned interface makes managing your computers and users even easier. The new design is laid out in a consolidated view so you can see all of the group settings at once, with no navigation needed. Easily see which users have permissions to which computers.

We've also added the ability to assign groups to a user when you initially create their account, eliminating the extra step to of having to go through the group management window to assign their permissions.

New Mouse Enhancements

Our newest version of the remote access server includes updates to improve mouse support.

Enhancements for Microsoft Surface allow input when using the device in both desktop and tablet modes. Also, computers that have no mouse connected can be controlled via the remote mouse during the session.

Additional improvements were also implemented to support custom application cursors which have non-standard sizes and numbers of colors.

Our European Data Center Is Online

We've expanded our global presence again, and recently brought a new data center online in Germany! With the additional VPN servers, users across Europe and the Western Hemisphere will all notice a dramatically improved boost in performance - up to 300% faster in most areas.

As always, all data transfered between your computers is encrypted end-to-end using SSL/TLS AES, following the strongest security standards. dualmon observes strict privacy measures, and your personal user data will never be shared or sold to a third party.

New Remote Assist App

After receiving extensive feedback from our users about the pitfalls encounted when deploying our on-demand remote assist app, we've listened. The new version of the remote deployment and support app has been completely redesigned.

The deployments no longer require admin rights to be run, and no installation is necessary for the user. New and improved features include: screen sharing controls, remote reboot, and additional customer support rep tools in the viewer. Auto-cleanup has also been implemented, so no software is left on the users' computers after the session has ended.

Updated Screen Scaling

Last week we released version 4.2 of our Viewer app, with redesigned screen scaling functionality.

Now there is more flexibility when connecting between computers with different screen resolutions and it's easier to view the remote computer at larger and smaller sizes. The next time you're connected, check it out under the "Zoom" menu on the Viewer toolbar.

Additional Multi-Monitor Support

After receiving plenty of feedback from our users who connect from non-Windows platforms and devices, we're happy to announce that multi-monitor support is now fully enabled when connecting from those platforms as well.

We support computers with up to 5 monitors. You can easily switch between them using the numbered monitor icons on the Viewer toolbar. Mobile users will find the icons on top of the keyboard controls.

New East Coast Data Center

We're glad to announce that we've recently brought our new East Coast data center online! With the added VPN servers located in Virginia, users on the eastern side of the U.S., Europe, and South America should all notice a much improved boost in performance - up to 3 times faster in many cases.

West coast users, don't feel left out! The new distribution has also improved your network performance as well.

We'd also like to take a moment to remind you that all data transfered between your local and remote computers is encrypted SSL/TLS AES end-to-end, following the strictest of industry-standard security practices. dualmon observes HIPAA Compliance measures, and your personal user data will never be shared or sold to a third party.

Happy Holidays!

We'd like to thank all of our wonderful customers for their continued business. Your input and feedback has been invaluable to us this year as we added several new features, like remote printing, enterprise functionality, remote deployment, and simplified remote assistance, just to name a few.

We have many exicting new features coming down the pipe in the upcoming year that we know you'll love, including Mac Support, instant on-demand remote assist, and additional data centers for snappier performance.

Wishing everyone a warm holiday season and a happy 2017.

Protect Your Privacy During Remote Access Sessions

Everyone knows that computer security is extremely important, and that's no different with remote access. It's more than just encrypting the data as it's being transferred; people could be around the computer you're connected to and viewing what you're doing. Making sure the monitor is turned off would be the obvious solution, but that's not possible to do without physical access to the computer, and they could turn it back on anyway.

There is a solution though — prevent others from snooping by using a remote access program which can disable the screen on the remote computer.

dualmon Remote Access allows you to blank the screen of the remote computer while you’re connected. You will see everything normally while you work, but anyone at the remote PC will see a screen which appears to be off for the duration of your session.

To turn on screen blanking, click the eye icon on the Viewer toolbar. The remote monitor will go blank. You can turn off screen blanking by clicking the same button a second time.

There are many variables when it comes to maintaining your privacy. This powerful feature which is easy to activate can bring you peace of mind when working remotely. One can never be too careful when protecting sensitive data and online activity.